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Siemens – Pico G2 4K

Client: Siemens

Hardware: Pico G2 4K

Software: Our in-house VR Sync software

Services: Rental and VR synchronization

The customer

The German multinational conglomerate Siemens AG stretches back to 1847 and has grown today to become one of the largest and most cutting-edge European industrial manufacturing companies.

Every year Siemens’ top management meets for a grand event showcasing the future of the company, and this year was no different with the tagline: “Transforming the Everyday“.

Under this banner, Siemens envisions providing smart tech for industries, infrastructure, transportation, and healthcare, like a more efficient and safer public transit system and a greener energy transition with smart infrastructure.

For this event, to celebrate the physical reunion after the COVID pandemic, Siemens sought to combine the digital and physical, illustrating how the company paves the way to a better future with emerging technology at its center.

The challenge

For that, a 560-attendee opening virtual reality experience was intended and developed. And thus, VR headsets needed to be supplied and synced to showcase the immersive footage.

The VR headset used for this event had to be reliable, comfortable, user-friendly, scalable, and portray in crisp detail 360-degree content.

The solution

So together with our sister company VR Owl and German partner Kabetec, VR Expert Rental supplied over 550 Pico G2 4K headsets for the event.

The G2 4K was the perfect VR headset with its superior 4K resolution, lightweight, user-friendliness, and affordable, which means easily scalable.

The result was an inspired and wowed Siemens top management, taking with them a shared vision of a high-tech future to their international Siemens offices. It also was a great way to welcome Siemens’ new CEO, Eckard Eberle.

“VR Expert with their partners ensured our futuristic reunion ran flawlessly with an excellent virtual reality headset to show our smart tech vision of the future.”

Want to have a look at the products we used for this event?

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