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Stada – Internal presentation in VR

Customer: Stada

Application: Internal company presentation in Virtual Reality

Hardware: 200 Pico G2 4K headsets

Services: Rental hardware, Installation service and Event support


STADA is a leader in the pharmaceutical industry. Every year they organize a Global Leadership Meeting for all of their key personnel. This year the event took place in Belgrade in Serbia. At this conference, STADA wanted to give employees a glimpse into the future of the company in a new and refreshing way.


For this event, we have teamed up with A4 VR to give conference attendees the most spectacular experience possible about the company’s vision for the years to come.

A4 VR has created the virtual reality experience and we have supplied two hundred Pico G2 4Ks to be able to convey this experience to the visitors as well as possible. The Pico’s were equipped with our VR Sync software where 360º content can easily be played simultaneously, ideal for this event.

Five of our specialists from the event team flew over from the Netherlands to support during the event.


The conference turned out to be a success! Everyone in attendance enjoyed the experience and had a clear view of the company’s future. The VR experience went smoothly through the use of the VR Sync software. STADA did not have to worry about the hardware and software, so that they could fully focus on the conference.

Want to have a look at the products we used for this event?

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