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European Union SEA Defence Summit

Scenarios4 use case VR Expert rental

About our customer

Scenarios4 was founded in response to a significant request from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. They were asked to put together the Nuclear Security Summit 2014 Scenario Based Policy Discussion. Scenarios4 employs VR technology to create realistic and engaging simulations that enable world leaders and decision-makers to experience complex global challenges firsthand. This innovative use of VR enhances the quality and depth of policy discussions, fostering greater understanding and enabling more effective solutions to be devised.

VR Expert Rental - SEA Defence Event


Effective presentation of EU SEA Defence Project using virtual technology, which would engage a high-level audience during an event in Amsterdam.


Scenarios4 combined 3D models of future ships and cutting-edge technologies into a virtual shipyard using ENGAGE Software. This allowed Scenarios4 to create a unique and immersive experience for the project leaders, who could present to the audience through their avatars.

VR Expert provided Scenarios4 with 25 Pico 4 Enterprise headsets. Pico 4 Enterprise was chosen for this event, as it is one of the newest and most innovative stand alone 6DoF headsets. Over the course of three days, a team of 20 dedicated VR Expert event supporters worked tirelessly to ensure that the whole experience was as seamless and enjoyable as possible. With these means Scenarios4 created a captivating and interactive virtual shipyard tour.


The implementation of this solution exceeded our expectations. The virtual shipyard tour became the highlight of the event in Amsterdam, capturing the attention of VIPs on stage and every participant in attendance. With the help of VR glasses, every individual could enjoy an extended version of the tour, enhancing their engagement and understanding of the SEA Defence project. The project leaders were able to present their achievements to a high-level audience, leaving a lasting impression and garnering praise for their innovative approach.


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