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Earth From Space Circular Leadership VR Workshop

About our customer

Circular Leadership is a renowned leadership development organization that specializes in facilitating workshops and masterclasses for leaders during this decade of action. With a mission to transform organizations into forces for good and make a positive impact on life on Earth, Circular Leadership utilizes cutting-edge technology to bring about a cognitive and awareness shift that leads to systemic change. Their workshops have successfully impacted over 10,000 participants from 500+ companies and organizations, positioning them as leaders in the field of sustainable leadership development.

About this event

Circular Leadership had the opportunity to conduct a workshop during the Breda University of Applied Sciences Industry Day, a significant gathering that brought together representatives from 140 esteemed companies such as KLM, NS, Rijkswaterstaat, TUI, ASML Transavia, and DHL. The objective of this workshop was to enable leaders to experience a cognitive shift and enhance their understanding of the interconnectedness of our planet. By leveraging cutting-edge virtual reality (VR) technology, Circular Leadership aimed to inspire attendees to adopt Circular Leadership’s four main competences: multi-level system thinking, long-term activation, personal engagement, and disruptive innovation. Through this transformative workshop, Circular Leadership sought to empower leaders to drive sustainable change within their organizations and beyond.

Earth From Space Circular Leadership Workshop - VR Expert


Given the significance of the event and the caliber of participants, the question arose of how to deliver an engaging and immersive workshop experience that would resonate with the high-profile audience and create a lasting impact.


To meet this challenge, VR Expert collaborated with Circular Leadership to provide 140 Pico G2 4K headsets for the workshop. Additionally, VR Expert ensured the seamless installation of Circular Leadership’s content on each headset. The choice of Pico G2 4K was strategic, as it offers the kiosk mode, making it user-friendly for an event with a large number of participants.

Earth From Space Circular Leadership Workshop - VR Expert


The implementation of this solution exceeded expectations, as the workshop conducted by Circular Leadership became a highlight of the Breda University of Applied Sciences Industry Day. Attendees, including representatives from notable companies, were immersed in a transformative VR experience, which allowed them to witness the Earth from space and experience the Overview Effect. The workshop successfully stimulated multi-level system thinking, fostered important discussions among participants, and instilled a sense of long-term responsibility for the common good. The combination of the Pico G2 4K headsets and Circular Leadership’s content effectively delivered a powerful workshop experience, empowering leaders to be catalysts for positive change and contributing to a sustainable future.

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